Emilio Locilento

Emilio’s images capture the divine grandeur of architecture and landscape of Ireland, Italy, and France.


Chi viaggia molto ha questo vantaggio: che i soggetti delle sue rimembranze presto divengono remoti in modo che essi acquistano quel vago e quel poetico che non e‘ dato loro se non dal tempo.
— Giacomo Leopardi Zibaldone di pensieri

He who travels has this advantage: that the subjects of his memories soon become remote in such a way that they acquire that vague and poetic quality that is not bestowed on them if not by time.

Recanatese means an inhabitant of Recanati, a small Italian city in the Marcheregion. Since my first visit there in 1998, Recanati remains one of my most deeply cherished memories. I was chosen that year to participate in a conference commemorating the bicentennial of Giacomo Leopardi, Recanati’s celebrated poet.
His early poetics are based on memory and the ephemeral nature of all things human. For Leopardi, poetry is the highest expression of our humanity protecting memories and sentiments from the ravages of time and their eventual inevitable demise. A long series of lectures heightened my sensibilities to the artist’s view of life and
the world indelibly altering my beliefs from that point forward.